February 2 , 2023 | Eventos

Bella Aurora Labs present their eco-design proposals

Ecovidrio and Stanpa, the National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics, have presented the eco-design guide aimed at providing companies with best practices to reduce the environmental impact of packaging.

Ana Lasierra, Packaging Manager at Bella Aurora Labs, participated in the virtual session to share the eco-design proposals implemented by the company in recent years.

Thanks to these efforts, Bella Aurora has managed to reduce its environmental impact by optimizing the size of jars, eliminating labels and using screen printing, saving 2.4 tons of glass, 125 kg of paper, and 145 kg of plastic per year.

These measures were presented as part of Bella Aurora's commitment to achieve the European goal that all packaging is 100% recyclable by 2030.

Bella Aurora Labs present their eco-design proposals