January 24 , 2022 | Events

Bella Aurora at Farmaweek 2022

Farmaweek, the largest virtual conference on dermocosmetics, OTC, and social networks took place from January 18 to 22. At the conference, Bella Aurora, as a specialist in the behavior of melanin-producing cells, sponsored the presentation entitled “Hyperpigmentation: Diary of a dark spot,” delivered by pharmacist Tamar Troncoso.

More than 1,800 pharmacists from across Spain participated in the conference, which addressed current issues in the form of bite-size informative modules aimed at both professionals and consumers. All content is available on the Farmaweek website to support ongoing training for professionals in the sector.

 For more information about the event, visit https://www.farmaweek.es/.

Bella Aurora at Farmaweek 2022


24 the January the 2022