May 19 , 2021 | Launches and Campaigns

Repigment - The first treatment by Bella Aurora for white patches on the skin

After specialising in the study of melanocytes for more than 130 years, Bella Aurora laboratories is launching a ground-breaking new treatment specifically designed to recolour white patches of skin: Repigment. In collaboration with dermatologist and vitiligo specialist Dr Matteo Bordignon, they have discovered a new factor that triggers hypopigmentation and the formula for treating it.

After years of research, Dr Matteo Bordignon has concluded that MIA protein is responsible for the appearance of white spots on the skin. MIA protein is produced abnormally by the melanocytes. It detaches melanocytes from the basal layer, and they migrate to the surface and are swept away. The melanocytes are cells responsible for pigmentation, so when they are lost, white patches form. Thanks to its innovative patented formula, Repigment12 blocks the MIA protein, protecting the melanocytes and allowing them to recolour depigmented areas.

Find out more about Dr Matteo Bordignon's research on Bella Aurora's website. If you have any questions about this new treatment, please write to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Repigment - The first treatment by Bella Aurora for white patches on the skin
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