October 22 , 2019 | Launches and Campaigns

bio10 forte: the only depigmenting product for each type of dark spot

The Bella Aurora laboratories launch a new bio10 forte depigmenting treatment line which offers specific solutions for each type of dark spot, differentiating them according to their origin bio10 forte L-tigo for age spots or sun spots; bio10 forte M-lasma for dark spots of a hormonal origin; and bio10 forte Mark-s for post-inflammatory dark spots. In addition, the bio10 forte line also includes a shock treatment in ampoule format to add anti-dark spot active ingredients to your usual beauty routine.

The new line of treatments incorporates the exclusive B-CORE 221TM Technology (Patent pending), an intelligent targeted release capsule that transports the active ingredient directly onto the melanin-producing cells to fully release the encapsulated active ingredient and exert its depigmenting action faster and more effectively.

*Sold exclusively in pharmacies.

bio10 forte: the only depigmenting product for each type of dark spot
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